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A local band for local people playing folk song and dance music for barn dances, ceilidhs, clubs and weddings around Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk. 


Alan Walters - English Concertina & Keyboard

Slim - Electric / Acoustic Guitar & Mandolin

Peter - Electric Bass Guitar

Dik - Caller for Dances

Alan Walters - English Concertina, Keyboard, Drum Rhythms.

In the hands of our band leader the English Concertina is brought to life (and up to date) with the use of modern effects and imaginative playing.




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It all started by learning guitar like Bob Dylan.  I then discovered an L.P. called "Rags , Reels and Airs" by  Dave Swarbrick and Martin Carthy.  Having learnt some of the mandolin tunes, a friend took me to the Ipswich Folk Club where I first heard the English Concertina.  I was hooked.   An inspiration to all concertina players was Alistair Anderson but I wanted to develop my own style.  I began performing at the Gardeners Arms where John Goodluck was becoming well known. Soon he was offered the chance to record his first album.  John, myself and Dave Pearce recorded -- The Suffolk Miracle.  When the Albion Band hit the folk scene we realised that folk dance music could be fun - Trunkles  was conceived.  I played with Trunkles for a few years but broke away to form the original Spit And Polish Band.